Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fix It - Summer Lovin' Sweater

I bought this fair isle sweater at a yard sale because I loved the color work on the yoke and ribbing at the neck.  The color work is done in the knitting style called fair isle.  Knitting this would take me forever because you have to knit different colors in the same row.  Not a beginner technique but not impossible.  So when I saw this I appreciated it, even though it was not hand knit. 

Fair Isle

I did a spring cleaning in my closet this weekend.  I also went through my craft to-do pile to weed out the items that I realistically will not work on.  I came across this sweater and knew I wanted to tweak it but was undecided how.  This, and in conjunction with wanting to wear it soon, I decided to make this a short-sleeved sweater. 

Monkey arms, not to mention clingy!

The arms on this beauty were so long, that I knew that the only way I would wear it soon (um, wool sweater in the summer?) was to chop them off.  In addition, the arms were very itchy.  These had to go!

See ya, Sleeve-o!

I took my cutting mat and rotary cutter and positioned the sleeve so it laid flat and cut about 2 inches from the last color stitch.  It is a bit unnerving cutting knit, but once it is sewed, it won't fray. 

Colorful pins won't get lost in the bulk of the sweater

I folded the cut edge under until there was about a quarter inch of dark pink showing. 

Aerial view

I chose a ballpoint needle and used a zig-zag stitch and stitched just beyond the last color stitch to make a folded-over edge.  I can go back later with a serger and finish the raw edge to prevent fraying.  I have to hand wash this sweater, so the fraying should be minimal, but it is always nice to finish a raw edge for a professional look.

Summer Lovin' Sweater!

This is how it came out.  I love it!  The ribbing on the neck is very stretchy and I can have a wide neck or an off-the-shoulder look by pulling it down more.  It will also look good with a denim jacket.  Very chic! 

I have the sleeves leftover; so I cut off more of the edge so they are straight.

Homeless Sleeves

Now that I have made orphans of the sleeves, I was trying to think of something fun to do with them.  I had put them aside and was cleaning up from sewing and Vince was looking at my new Summer Lovin' Sweater and asked where the sleeves went.  I went over to where I put them and they were gone! 

I looked at Vince and he had thought of something to do with them...

Leg Warmers!!

We had a good laugh at that!  I think they will look cuter on me but why rain on his parade, right? lol

I will put them aside with my winter wear and pull them out in December.  Hopefully, the retro 80's fad is still in; I can't wait to wear 'em.


Anonymous said...

You did a great job with this sweater, I cringed when I read you intended to chop the sleeves off-but it looks great! Jan F

Nancy said...

I know, I was a little nervous cutting knit stitches, but it came out great! Thanks, Jan!