Sunday, August 12, 2012

Star Baby Blanket - Part 2

I have been working on the star baby blanket from last week's post and I am about 60% done.  So, I will show what I've been up to, then I gotta go!

Here it is so far:

I figured out what I was doing wrong, which was pretty much nothing.  I just connected it at the top of the chain on that 3rd round and went with it.  The next round I made sure that I crocheted the proper quantity of double crochets.  

I have been alternating between the colors so that you can see the star/ripple pattern better  I have about 13" done from the middle to the point.

I need to crochet until I have 20" from the middle to the point, giving me a 40" diameter, when complete.  I am running low on the two blue yarns, so I will figure out how many more rounds I need to do in 7" and see if I can squeak by with what I have or if I will have to buy another skein or two of the blues.

Here is a close-up of a star corner.  The blues I am crocheting two rounds and only one round with the cream.

I hope to finish today or run out of yarn so I can be at the position to buy more during the week and finish it up by next weekend.

Would love to chat more, but I gotta get hooking!

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