Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween is my favorite holiday!  I was going to be lame and just wear a costume that I had in my closet, but at the last moment, I decided to actually do one.  I got the idea for this costume at Martha Stewart's website while searching for Halloween decorating ideas.  I was Medusa...for a party on Saturday night, then was a Zombie Bowler on Wednesday night, which happens to be my normal bowling league night.

I started out by only needing a few supplies:
  • Rubber Snakes
  • Hair Extensions
  • White Twin Sheet
  • White and Black Cream Make-up
  • Tons of Bobby Pins
I first took a black wig and made my own hair extensions by braiding locks of hair and cutting them off the wig.

I used small rubber bands, the classic kind that knot your hair all up when you try to take them out.  I braided, banded the end, cut, then banded the cut end.  I ended up with like 20  hair extensions.  It took my over an hour to braid all that hair.

Once that was done, I had to make my toga.  I did a Google search for "make toga from sheet" and a ton of pages came up.  I chose one from WikiHow, which was so easy!

I laid the sheet out the long way and cut the length by like 16 inches.  When I practiced the wrapping, it was way long.  Once it was shortened, you take the sheet and place it around you from the back (like wrapping yourself in a towel).  Take the two corners and grab a bit below and keep one on one shoulder and wrap the other around and meet at the same shoulder and tie.  Really simple.  Check out the website for all the details.

Next was taking the hair extensions and snakes and weaving them in my hair.  The snakes were pretty good looking, considering I got them at the dollar store.

I started by putting my hair in a high pony tale.  I pulled some hair out around the edges of my hairline all around my head.  I braided these into small braids to mix with the hair extensions.  I threaded two snakes through my pony tail, between my scalp and the holder.  Then tightened the pony tail and made a bun with my own hair.  I used my own braids to anchor down the two initial snakes.  I then started using the hair extensions to wrap the snakes to my head with bobby pins.  Vince helped me wrap the snakes, 5 in all, to my head with the hair extensions.

It was heavy!  Once I had my snakes, toga and make-up on, I was ready to turn people to stone!

We went to a party on the Saturday night before Halloween.  Vince went as "Vinnie Guido."

In total, my costume cost $17.  Not too shabby!

But for work, the snake hair would be too much for me to wear all day and night.  Our bowling team decided to be Zombie Bowlers.  I bought a few more supplies:
  • Red Tights
  • Black Leggings
  • Red Long-Sleeved Thermal
I put on the red tights, then cut slits into the black leggings and put those on.  This made it look like my blood or my raw skin under the leggings.  I did not brush my hair and put a few random braids in there (my own, not the extensions) and sprayed it with white hair spray.  I did my make up so it looked bruised with the white and black cream make-up from Medusa and also rubbed some red lipstick on my face.  I wore my black bowling shirt with the red thermal underneath.

I even did my nails funky:

I got the idea from my new favorite website/blog: Honestly...WTF.  They are called Drippy Nails.  Hint: You use a toothpick.

Anyway, I had a fun Halloween, how about you??

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Kjestine said...

I love both of your costumes! So creative!