Sunday, November 10, 2013

Halloween 2013

I was lazy this Halloween.  I recycled a costume from, get this, 10 years ago!  Yippee, I fit back into a costume from 10 years ago...sweet!
I will not have a tutorial for you this year, but I so have some pics from my day at work.  Yes, I wore this from 7am to 3pm.

I was a 1920's Flapper Girl!  Complete with the red-fringed dress, red sequins trim, long strands of pearls, feathered headpiece and cigarette with holder.
I did sew this dress from a Butterick pattern.  I remember being in JoAnn's and buying the whole bolt of red fringe by-the-yard and ticked off one mother who was looking for the fringe.  Sorry Lady, but I'd fight you for this fringe!
I also remember bending a few sewing machine needles sewing the sequin trim onto the dress.  The needlepoint would deflect off of a sequins and bend!  Once the needle bent, it was useless.  I even used the heavyweight needle.  I was a sewing-maniac that particular weekend and had 3 needles to spare, thank Goodness!

My cigarette holder was the only thing that I made fresh this year.  Vince and I had a challenge: we each made one...who's would come out better?  They both came out pretty darn good.  I used them both, double smoking!  (We used sheet of white paper, a drinking straw, black and red marker & some cotton (smoke wisps)).  I did not even take pics of us making those...

I hope you enjoyed my retro costume!

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