Thursday, September 2, 2010

In the beginning....

In the beginning my sister and brother would go to my grandparents house practically everyday because they lived next door.  We loved going over there; there was always fun stuff to do and places to get into.  When I sit down and think about the things we did over there, we very well could have done them at our own house, but it was just different somehow, being at gramma's house.

One thing I do remember doing over there, when I was probably about 6 or so, was playing with an i-cord maker. This was pretty much a spool with hooks at the top. But, what made it great was the fact that the spool was a red clown with yellow yarn hair. My sister and I would made i-cords that were several inches long, but because it took our little, unskilled hands so long to see progress out the bottom of the spool, I believe we often gave up too soon. We had lots of 3-inch pieces of various colors, but really nothing to make a project out of.

KD, remember this?

I believe that because my great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother were all avid crafters, that has molded me into a crafter myself.  I am not an accomplished crafter in a sense that I make items for profit, but I do enjoy sewing a quilt for a baby or knitting a scarf for a friend.  My sister was also molded into a crafty gal, but it did not translate for my brother.  He never picked-up a needle or a hook, unless it was a fishing hook with my dad.  That is probably for the best....

I would like this blog to show, discuss, get advice and get motivated to complete my unfinished projects and my unread books.  EVERY crafter out there has unfinished projects that they would like to finish one day or would like to never see again.  I have both of those types of projects and they range from a knitted baby sweater, where the intended "baby" is now almost 5, to broken costume jewelry that I want to re-purpose but haven't yet. In addition, I have several shelves of books that I have been collecting over the years because I am dying to read them, but I can't get to them in a timely manner because I am always feeling too busy.  So, I am dedicating this blog to unfinished projects and unread books!!  I also hope to make you giggle a time or too, either because of my wit or because you sympathize with my plights.

I have been inspired lately from the other bloggers out there that are accomplishing some pretty cool feats.  Of course there is the Julie and Julia blogger that learned how to French cook and there is the dress blogger that transforms ugly house dresses into chic fitted dresses or tunics.  New Dress A Day  I am loving it and thought that I can do that too!  Well, not make my way through the Joy of Cooking or make a dress a day, I will tackle my projects, one at a time....and it all started at gramma's house.


kvsat said...

This clown pic made me laugh out loud! I can't believe you still have it! I forgot all about it! Do you remember how to use it? I can't! looking forward to more posts!
love you KD

j. said...

I made my blog for the same reason as you did. :) It's great, I will stop by ocassionaly to see what are you doing. Greetings, J.