Saturday, September 4, 2010

Necklace Revamp

For my first project, I have this necklace that my friend CLL gave me a few years back as a token to symbolize 'Freedom' and I love it. It is a silver dove pendant with rhinestone eyes. The clasp has a key, lock, and Fossil brand tag on it that hang like charms. Well, the chain has seen better days and the way it wears, the clasp with the charms ends up in the front next to the dove pendant and I don't bother fixing it to the back because it looks cute in the front. In addition to the charms in the front, the chain has developed a kink and a few tarnish spots that no longer go away with silver cleaner.  When I noticed that kink, it was the last straw.  It also has these nubs throughout the chain that drive me crazy.
Dove Pendant - Before

I took the lobster claw clasp that you see on the left side off and the large jumprings with charms on the right side off. The chain that has the nubs is going buh-bye and I will replace it with a plain chain that I had. I threaded the dove onto the new chain. I took one set of large jumpring and small links off the charms part so I could use them to hold the lobster claw on one side, threaded the left-over charms section onto the new chain next to the dove and then added another jumpring to the chain to make-up the other side/end.  Ok, blah, blah, I know....

Almost there....

The tools I am using to manipulate the jumprings are from this mini-sized set of pliers. It was a bargin for the set but they are a pain to use.  Cheaper ain't always better, ladies. It took me awhile to get the jumprings onto the tiny links of the new chain. You can sort of see the kink in the old chain in the pic above.

Viola! The revamp is complete and in my mind a success!


Now, I can keep the dove and finally jump on the skeleton key pendant banwagon.  I'm usually so far behind the banwagon that I cannot even run to catch it.  I love the Tiffany's key pendants, but since the cheapest one retails for over $125 (we are talking only silver, no diamonds), I will settle for my Fossil version!

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Cathy said...

I noticed your pretty "new" necklace last night and thought it was adorable!! I wondered why I hadn't seen it before...and now I know!! Great job!!