Monday, October 4, 2010

Baby's First 1.1

I am pleased to say that I have finished another baby blanket!  This one is, by far, my favorite, maybe because it is for a girl and they are often more fun to create for than boys.  Boys can be fun, don't get me wrong, but there's nothing like buying something cute for a girl.
Third complete blanket
I love the pink and the yellow (Baby's First from Lion Brand: Fairy Tale & Honey Bee).  I always think French when I see pink and yellow together.  I think it reminds me of antique toile.  This crocheted up in a snap, it was just getting some time to focus and get to it.  I mentioned that I had trouble with the edging, specifically the picot stitch.  For some reason, this one did not give me any trouble at all.  Here is another picture of it laid out:
I get a little better with the edging with each blanket.  Here is a close-up of a corner:
Look at those cute picots!
My sister will be proud!  You can enlarge each picture by clicking on it.  I think that I was supposed to do the edging by making the slip stitch in a stitch, but instead I made the stitch in the ch-1 space.  I think it looks better and covers up any elongated stitches that seem to be inherent in my crochet. 

My next blanket will be...the same pattern.  Yes, I have a total of five of them to do by the end of the year and I have completed three.  Not bad, in my opinion.  Although there are tons of people who seem to have the ability to crochet in their sleep, hence completing projects at lighting speed.  As you are getting to know me, I am not one of them.  This is the next supply of yarn for the fourth one.  This is for another girl.
Yarn pyramid - fourth blanket in the raw
I promise that I am working on other projects other than these baby blankets.  I have some jewerly items on my list and a halloween costume.  I get very into halloween, so you will laugh at what I do for it.  Stay tuned.


Kjestine said...

The blanket is super cute? Is it for one of the little twinies? The colors are perfect for their room! Great job!

Nancy said...

Yes, it sure is for one of the twins! I hope your sis likes it!