Sunday, July 10, 2011

Books - Second Quarter - Part 2

My summer reading continues.  So far I have read a total of 11 books to date at the end of this post.  So, according to my Craftolutions, I only need six more to go.  That is about one book a month.  I have a ton of books on my book shelf that I have not read and I can't help but buy more when I go to book sales.  How can you pass up a hardcover book for a buck or a paperback for a quarter?  I can't! 

I only have two books to add to the Second Quarter reading list.  I read these while on vacation at the end of June.  I will continue the numbering, as before:

10.  This book I bought specifically for a beach read.  It is a chic-lit book that takes place in Hawaii.  Perfect!  A woman, Keeley, from the states (a mainlander) moves to Hawaii to study volcanos.  She meets a Hawaiian tour guide, Kam, and they get married.  They have a son (not necessarily in that order) and enjoy life for 5 years.  Keeley found out that Kam was cheating and she has served him divorce papers on the fourth of July.  Independence Day.  Kam is planning on moving to Fiji with the new girlfriend and wants sole custody of the son.  Meanwhile, there are funny lines and slightly outrageous situations that  Keeley finds herself in.  The volcano that Keeley is studying is supposed to be dead, but she finds that something is brewing inside it that she must warn the people of Hawaii about.  She meets someone that claims he know Davey Jones from the Monkeys and that gets her interested in him.  Through the bad-timing scenarios and misunderstandings, she is confused on whether divorcing Kam is the right thing to do.  This is a cute book, worth reading on the beach, but hard to take serious (can you ever take chic-lit serious?).  I give it 3 thumbs up.

11. This book I have been wanting to read for awhile.  This book takes place in a small town in Dublin, Ireland.  Three children about 12 years old go and play in the woods behind their town.  They play in these woods everyday, so this day should not be any different.  But then they don't come home that night and a search party goes out to look for them.  They find one of the children in the woods alone with blood in his sneakers.  He cannot remember what happened that night.  Twenty years later, he has changed his name and is now a detective investigating murders in Dublin and still cannot remember what happened to the other two children.  A case comes up involving another young child, a girl, in the very woods where his friends disappeared.  They give him and his partner the case, not knowing the connection he had with the area.  Does the lone survivor/detective ever figure out what happened 20 years ago in the woods?  Can he solve this case knowing details of the old case?  This book is a who-done-it suspense that will keep your attention.  It is a very dark story in which there are no light parts that make you laugh or smile, but it was very good modern day detective novel.  I rate it 3 thumbs up.

After that last book, I think I need some time off from reading.  I read that book in less than a week due to traveling, so I felt its weight on me and it put me in a funk.  My next one will be have to be a light-hearted and easy read to get me back into the swing of things.

Tell me, what is on your summer reading list?

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