Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fix It - Turban Hair Wrap

This is something that I have been meaning to do for-ev-a.  I have two microfiber turban-style hair wraps.  You would use these rather than a towel to dry your hair from the shower.

Hair Wraps A Go-Go

The top part has a button on the outside and the bottom, skinnier part has an elastic loop.  You use this by flipping your head over with your hair hanging down, place the turban with the button end by the nape of your neck.  Take the body of the wrap and gather it around your hair and twist.  Then lift your head and bring the twisted part with your hair in it to the back of your head and secure in place with the elastic loop around the button.  Ingenious!  My friend, Nicole in Mass, has these and I used them for the first time at her place.  When I got home I searched for them and bought these through Avon.  Unfortunately, Avon does not sell them anymore, but I have seen them at drugstores and other places.  I have not seen another microfiber one, only terry material.  I'm partial to the microfiber.

Anyway, since I use these all the time, the elastic loops have stretched out and they are barely holding on.  I have a ton of extra elastic hair here goes.

No Elastic Left

Here is a close-up of how stretched out they are:

Streeeeetched Out

The hair elastics I chose to use are too small and I don't use because they do not go around my hair enough times.  For example, they can't go around 3 times, but 2 times is too loose.  So, these would be perfect to use and are just waiting to be repurposed.

Putting Them To Good Use

I cut off the old elastic loops and took a needle and thread and went to work.  I used lime green thread rather than black.  I did not want the thread to be seen from the outside of the turban.  Not like it really matters, but I had the green, so why not use it?  I pretty much sewed the elastic loops on the turban like I did when I made the camera cozy.  I just looped the thread around the elastic, not sewn through the elastic, like how it was originally. (It was sewn into the seam).

Wrapping The Thread

That was pretty much it.  I did this to both turban hair wraps and they are done.  I love easy projects!

I Am So Done!

I will model one of the turbans from behind:


I imagine that one could make a hair turban wrap out of an old beach towel or bath towel.  All you need is the towel, a button and an elastic hair tie.  I've even seen them where the button is, there is a smaller elastic and the twisted end just goes through the elastic.  Maybe I'll try making one out of a towel someday.  Hmmmm.....

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