Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Camera Cozy

This is the first installment of the Mid-Week Mini.  For my small projects, I will post them mid-week as a "mini" project.  Now, don't get used to this blog-post-twice-a-week thing.  It is just for the occasional small, simple things I have on my plate. :-)

Let me start from the beginning.  For Christmas, Santa got me a new digital camera. [Insert me jumping up and down here].  This camera is hot pink and matches my personalty, for I love, love pink.  My last camera I had for about eight or nine years; I really can't complain because it has served me well.  I did drop it about a couple of months ago and a piece that held the battery door closed, chipped off.  It still closes, but one side is not secure.  So, I really hinted at my honey that a camera was at the top of my Christmas list. 

The case that my old camera came in was a zippered clamshell.  It served it's purpose and held additional batteries.  My new camera has a rechargable battery that has a special adaptor, so I don't need to carry around the extra batteries anymore.

I wanted a cute cozy for my new camera that I could easily carry in my purse, while protecting the screen.  I was originally going to knit it a "sock", with lime green sock yarn.  I had it all planned out, I just needed the time to do it.  Well, it has been three weeks since Christmas and my time to do this has not arrived.  Instead, I went to my scrap bag and dug out a piece of felted sweater.  I felted a few sweaters to repurpose, but I have not blogged about it yet, so I will not spill the beans on what my reason for felting sweaters were (some of you out there know, but, shhhh, don't say anything).

Anyway, the piece I chose to use was a section of a sleeve.  When you felt wool, you are essentially ruining the piece of knit.  But, you are intentionally ruining it.  You do this by washing pure wool in a hot water bath or washing machine on high agitation.  I will get more into it when I blog about the sweaters.  This project only used one of the discarded sleeves.

Felt will not fray when cut

I cut a portion off that was slightly longer than the camera and turned it inside-out and sewed the side seam a bit more.  I fit the camera in it so it would be snug and sewed the side seam again a little closer.  Once I was satisfied that it fit, I then sewed the bottom seam and trimmed the hem and clipped the corner.  Then I turned it right-side out.

Next, I took a regular covered hair elastic and a button I had in my button jar.

Just a few odds & ends

I left the top edge raw.  I hand-sewed the button to the front and then hand-sewed the hair elastic to the back.  This way, the hair elastic will keep the camera in place when it is stretched over the top and buttoned in the front.


Viola!  A little camera cozy.  This was a fun project that took no time to do.  I was happy to use my scraps and it is cute as well.

Hot-Pink Mamma!

Thanks honey, I love my new camera!  And I love the new cozy I made for it; it sure beats knitting a sock on a pair of toothpicks, right Kathy?  Hey blog-readers...send me some of your completed or WIPs.  I need to know I'm not the only one that has them.  C'mon!!

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Crystal said...

I knitted and felted a camera case too and sadly I have lost it. I knit and felted an I-cord for the strap and hand-made a clay button:(