Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Seafoam Lace Scarf - The Finish

Whoo-hoo!  I love finishing a project.  This scarf came out so nice, that I took time out from blogging on the weekend to finish it.  This is the third installment of the Seafoam Lace Scarf (Part 1 and Part 2 - click there, they have all the project details) and it will be the last.

I had finished the main body of the scarf for Part 2 and just had to crochet around the edges.  I say "only" but crochet is not my strong suit.

Crochet around the rosy

So, above, is my first round of single crochet (sc).  I went around once and then when I got to the short end, I crocheted the lace edging.  The lace edging is made up primarily of chains, connected to the edge by a sc.

SC close-up

As you can see, the main body was knitted with mohair (so soft) and the edging is crocheted with a hemp blend that feels like cotton.  I love the hemp yarn and really want to make a real garment with it.  (I already have a pattern picked out - alas, I have to buy a full book for the pattern though).

Lace edging - It's a chain thang

When the first short edge got it's lace edge crocheted on, then I did another sc down the length of one side of the scarf that brought me to the other short end.  I then crocheted the same lace edge on that.  Once the second edge was complete, I crocheted sc down the other long end and tied off once I got back to the first lace edge.

How romantic!

There it is - Complete!  The lace edging was a nice challenge for me, where it was not super hard, but I had to think a bit.  I will admit that Vince's mom had to show me what to do, I was counting the sc all wrong.

Very feminine, indeed

The instruction would state to do something in the first sc and then skip one sc and blah, blah.  Well, I was not thinking with my crochet hat on, so I was counting the stitches in the chain as a sc!  I had loops all over the place!  Vince's mom set me straight.

The scarf debut

I wore the scarf to work today, with the knot off to the side.  It was so nice: light and airy.

Scarf in action

I always buy too much yarn for projects.  I still have a full ball and a quarter of the mohair and about half of the hemp.  This project did not even take up one full ball of either.  I like having extra, but I feel like I must go forth in the world and make something else with it right away.  I could knit another scarf, but I hate repeating a project.

I am searching Ravelry and my current library of knit and crochet patterns for something to do with them.  These were my special luxury yarn buys from Christmas.  The project(s) I choose for these must be worthy.  I already have a few ideas....

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