Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pima Pullover - Part 2

I'm still working on the Pima Pullover from last week.  I could not have gotten this far without my sister Kathy's help.  She has explained every stitch to me and showed me how to connect the front and arms and, most importantly, where I'm inserting hook at the end of each row.  I find that the most confusing part, not the stitches or the pattern repeats, but how to finish and start the rows/rounds.

Last Morning with Kathy

We got as far as the shoulders, connecting to make the v-neck, finish one sleeve and start the second.  Kathy finished one sleeve for me so I would: A. know what to do on the rib part and B. cover some ground so I would not have so much to do.

I was hoping that this sweater would be completed by the time she left and I was really sweating doing it on my own.  I finally had a chance to re-start the sweater only today.  I was able to make some good headway:  I finished the second sleeve.

Half a Sweater

I tried it on to to make sure that it was still on-track for fitting well.

Yeah, it's fitting!

Awesome!  It is fitting and my second sleeve looks like the first sleeve that Kathy crocheted.  Seriously, I was worried that my sleeve would be looser or tighter and it would be ridiculous.  I'm giddy with excitement!

No time for celebration just yet, I need to keep crocheting my little heart out!  See you next week!

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