Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fuzzy Wuzzy

I am starting my Christmas knitting early.  I am on a roll and have completed two hat and scarf sets.  I don't know how many items I will make as Christmas gifts, but I will just knit until I run out of time.  That always seems to work :-)

I start out by buying some really cute yarn at a local store; they were inexpensive so I figured I'd buy a bunch and figure out what to do with them later.  The first set of yarn is a wool-like multicolored strand with a novelty strand of mini fuzzy nubs on them wound together.  I'll call this set of yarn "Fuzzy."  The brand is Gala Yarns and I believe it is a yarn company that must buy out other company's yarns and recycles them.  So I am being green by knitting something with recycled yarn.


The second set of yarn is a brown worsted weight acrylic yarn with a novelty strand of mini fuzzy nubs on them wound together, like in the other yarn.  This set is also from Gala Yarns (again, being green).  I will call this set of yarn "Wuzzy."


I decided to make a hat and scarf set for my friend's two daughters.  I made them a hat last year (I Heart Hats) as well, so they can add these to their collection.

The scarves are first.  It is a pattern that I am improvising on.  Here is my pattern:
  • Any yarn, at least one ball of 50g (more if you want fringe)
  • Size 8 or 9 knitting needles (8 if thin yarn, 9 if thick yarn)
  • Work the following pattern until you run out of yarn or reach the desired length:
    • CO 16 st, loosely
    • Row 1: k1, *yo, k2 tog, repeat from * to end
    • Row 2: p
    • Repeat Rows 1 and 2 until you reach desired length
    • Bind off loosely
    • Cut fringe in 10" pieces for fringe that is about 5" long once attached
      • For Fuzzy, I used 3 strands of yarn for each fringe
      • For Wuzzy, I used 2 strands of yarn and one strand of ribbon for each fringe
    • Attach fringe at the ends of scarf at the ribs
This pattern created a ribbed look with eyelets (holes) in between each rib.  It was to have an easy pattern to mindlessly knit without a pattern, but different than stockinette.  

Here is Fuzzy, while in the works:

Here is Wuzzy in the works:

Next was fringe.  I cut 54, 10" strands for Fuzzy and 36, 10" strands for Wuzzy.  Wuzzy also had 6, 10" strands of purple ribbon cut.  

I explain how to attach fringe in a past post: Quintet Scarf.  For Wuzzy, I placed the ribbon one on each end and one in the middle, so there are 3 strands of ribbon weaved in at each end.

On to the hats.  The hat pattern is a pattern I have used in the past and love it.  It is very versatile.  That pattern is available in my I Heart Hats post.  This time, the yarns were pretty thick, so the bottom edge did not naturally roll, so I made them like beanie hats.  You gotta roll with the punches and just go with it.  

How cute, huh?

Here are them as a set:

So, I can officially cross two little people off my list.  Not too shabby.


Kjestine said...

Super cute! i love how you called them fuzzy and wuzzy! I better start thinking of some good homemade gifts for this year too!

Nancy said...

Ha, thanks. I originally had only the one named Fuzzy Wuzzy, but I thought it would be cuter to give each one, one of the names. What are you going to make this year?