Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cookie Swap 2013

This year marks the 10th Anniversary of the Cookie Swap.  We have dubbed it the Aluminum Cookie Swap.  Aluminum is the metal given as a gift on one's 10-year wedding anniversary.

Given this special year, we also changed up the rules.  Everyone who was attending was asked to offer up an interesting ingredient as they have in the Iron Chef TV show.  All the ingredients went into a hat and one was chosen for you.  This ingredient, you had to make into a dessert-like item.  The ingredient was to be a secret and we played a guessing game as we tried all the desserts.

My interesting ingredient was BBQ sauce.  Hmmmmmm.....

I chose to make shortbread cookies with a raspberry bbq sauce on them with icing, cut into strips.  First, the shortbread alone was yummy, so I had a good base.  I baked them and the first out of the oven were very cumbly.  So that was the one that I nibbled on to taste test.  Not too bad!

So, at the cookie swap, here is the list of ingredients that were used in the desserts:

Yes, these ingredients were in the food I was about to eat.  Ha, this was the funnest cookie swap yet!  Here are the cookies that we made:

Tomato Soup Cookies

Wasabi - Black Pearl Cupcakes

Black Bean Cake

Tofu Chocolate Chip Cookies

Guava - Cuban Thumbprint Cookie

Frangelico Meringues

Coffee - Khalua Fudge

Goat Cheese Chocolate Truffles

Fresh Ginger Cookies

Avocado Peanut Butter Fudge

BBQ Shortbreads

I have to admit that these cookies/desserts were good.  Some a bit off, but very edible.  My favorites were the Black Bean Cake, Fresh Ginger Cookies and the BBQ Shortbreads (of course, my own).  The Fresh Ginger Cookies and the Guava Cuban Cookies were "normal" cookies, so they hardly count, because they did not seem like such a challenge.

The poor woman who got avocado, I felt bad for her.  Her fudge was my least favorite.  It was a spongy fudge that looked like it had a white coating on them.  Ehhh.....

The Khalua Fudge was strong!  They used instant coffee, which I thought was very clever.  I'm not a huge fan of booze in my desserts, I just taste alcohol, not really the flavor of the booze.  I had a bad high school experience with Khalua and truly have not drunk it since. (Nicole...remember the premade Khalua Mudslides at one of your parties??  Yeah, I have never forgotten it...I'm scarred for life!)

The most interesting, in my opinion, where the Wasabi Black Pearl Cupcakes.  They were a very moist chocolate cake with a zing at the end.  I don't eat wasabi when I have sushi, so I'm not super familiar with it, but it did not ruin the cupcake.  They were not hot, just a burst of something once you swallow the bite: Interesting!

This was a much enjoyed cookie swap and was glad everyone was a good sport about it and came up with some good, creative recipes.

Can't wait for what next year's will be!

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