Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cindy's Miss Me Jeans

My friend Cindy's boyfriend bought her a pair of Miss Me jeans last summer.  She sent them out to get hemmed and when she tried them on there was HUGE rip up the butt.  We are talking HUGE:

These jeans are like $85 jeans.  Yes, really.  They are really cool jeans and someday I will buy myself a pair, but for now I will just dream about them.  Anyway, back to Cindy...the boyfriend had tossed the receipt by the time she tried them on again and the store would not take them back without the receipt.

Bummer for Cindy.  She held onto them, thinking on how she could fix them.  Then they had a party at their house and after drinking a few very delicious apple-tinis I asked if I could try on one of her Miss Me jeans, because I really, really want a pair.  That's when she showed me this pair of jeans.  Me being Miss I-Can-Fix-It, took them home and noodled on how to fix these.  I really had no clue how I was going to fix them.

I turned them inside-out and I noticed that there was another rip along the other pocket:

This was a complete lemon of a pair of jeans.  I should have had her write a letter to Miss Me about the quality expectation of an $85 pair of jeans.  Anyway, I thought of putting a big patch on the inside of the jeans and sew it in place so that there will not be any further stress on these seams.

I took an old pair of jeans that was in the junk pile and harvested a square from the leg:

I positioned the square right in the middle:

Then I thought that I need to at least sew up the hole.  The only way I could think of was good ol' needle and thread.  I had thread that was a cornflower blue that blended in really nicely.

From the inside of the jeans, I threaded the holes. But this was not going to be strong enough.  The first time she bends over in them, the thread would either break or pull away from the jeans in a fraying way.

So, I put the patch back over the butt and sewed in several areas:

First, up the middle seam, then on each pocket, below each pocket then up each butt cheek in the space between the middle seam and pocket.  The thread blended in so well, that even looking close-up from the outside, I couldn't even see it!  Nice!

Ok, ready for some butt shots???  Ha, ha, here they come:

I was trying to pull them really tight on the butt (that is how they should fit) and wanted to make sure that the patch could not be seen as a panty line from the outside.  Nope, panty line a negative!

Me bending over...hey, I have to put it through rigorous quality control tests such as this to ensure that Cindy won't bust them on her first wear of them.

I hope that this patch holds up.  It's a bit strange, but you can't see it from the outside in means of lines, nor can you feel it on the inside.  No digging in or anything.

Success!  Man, I wish I had a pair of Miss Me jeans....

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Anonymous said...

Hi, so I see this is an old post. But my friend did the same to my Miss Me jeans. Do you think you'd be able to help? If I sent them to you? I could pay for shipping, and extra for you helping?