Sunday, September 22, 2013

Powder Puff

This is a really silly project.  It took no more than 5 minutes; it will take me longer to type out this post than it did to actually sew.
My honey is a baby powder guy (probably TMI for those of you that know him...LOL).  As a joke-but-for-real gift, my sister bought him a 3-pack of powder puffs.  Vince is probably not the most delicate when he handles the powder puff, so as a result, the puffs are ripping.

The ribbon has been ripped off and there is a big gaping hole in two of them.  He still has one that is in pristine condition, because he has not used it yet.

I took a needle and white thread an sewed it up.  I did not worry too much about the thread being hidden because the puffs are fluffy and the thread was hidden anyway.

So, I did not get another satin ribbon, but the holes are now sewn shut.  No more foam sticking out.

I did not tell him that I sewed them up.  I will see how long it will take for him to notice or even if  he notices.  This was not a news-breaking fix, but sometimes it is the little things that matter. 

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