Sunday, November 7, 2010

Baby's First 2.0

I had committed to having my fourth baby blanket done by the end of October.  I technically missed my deadline, but it's only a few days into November and I am finally done!  This act simply could not have been completed without a mishap.  The story goes that I was happily crocheting and was changing colors and realized that I used way less yarn than I did for the last blanket.  If you have been following my blog, I pretty much was repeaing the last blanket I made, but with different colors as in post Baby's First 1.1.  My crochet bag had the other blanket in there still, so I pulled it out and compared the two:


When I looked at the two next to each other, I was thinking, "How the hell did this happen?"  What I did was not chain enough, but it was enough that the v-stitch pattern worked out evenly (do I even wonder what the odds are when you mess up your foundation chain, but it works out anyway, so you continue?).  It does work out that the width of the new blanket matches with the height of the last blanket, when viewed as in the above pic (again, the odds?).

I tend to be a perfectionist and when I realized my mistake, I wanted to rip it out!  At this stage, ripping it out did cross my mind.  Can a sane person have a moment of insanity?  Absolutely!  Once I got my head back, I knew that there was no way I was ripping this out.  I figured, they will end up being the same size dimensions, if I just continue with the last color.  Once I was done with the green, my original idea was to do the border in pink, but I did not have enough, so I did it in green.

Friday night, I finished.  The last step in every yarn project is weaving in the ends.  This is a task that I loathe, but you have to do it or your project that you spent hours, days, weeks, or even months on stays hidden in a bag in the closet for a year. 

Last weave, right there!

Once it was completed, I pulled out the last one and was looking them over.  Of course, throughout this whole time, my cats have been coming around and playing with the yarn or laying on my lap as if the blanket was there just waiting for them to lay on.  So, as predicted, Jasmine came by a few times, investigating.  She is the cat that does not like to be held or picked up and hugged; I tried sandwiching her inbetween the two blankets.  Here is how I made out with that:

See ya!

Yeah, she did not stay, but it is always fun to try.  :-)

Nothing wrong with being different!

This blanket, even though I did it wrong, is my favorite!  I am giving this blanket and the pink and yellow one to the same person, because my friend's sister had twins.  So, normally nobody would ever be the wiser of my mistake, but since they are going to the same family, I feel like I wish I had more time to make another pink and yellow to match the direction of this one.  But, I do not have the luxury of being a quick crafter, so I must give them like this.  I hope that they are received well, and liked equally!  Am I the only one that puts feelings on inanimate objects?  Probably not, but no one will be insane enough to admit it!


n8swife said...

Just found your blog, how inspiring:0)
Your blankets turned out beautifully! I'm sure they will be loved and appreciated.

As for attributing feelings to inanimate objects, my husband does that. It's so sweet, he's been known to purchase the last *whatever* sitting on a shelf b/c he felt sorry for it. And once he bought me a stuffed elephant with a big black stripe across its foot, choosing it over the "perfect" ones because he thought no one else would want it.

Nancy said...

n8swife, I can totally relate to your husband! Is there a blog out there for people like us? I chalk it up to our hearts are too big for our bodies! Thanks for reading!

Crystal said...

they both are beautiful! i have only one question, what colors is Quin's? hehehe

Kjestine said...

I love them both! Since neither half of the couple you are sending them to has a crafty bone in their bodies, they will not even realize that the difference was an accident. The babies won't care either!! :)