Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sweater Purse 3.0

I hope you're not sick of the Sweater Purse yet!  I still have several to do.  Maybe I will mix in other posts so you gals don't get burnt out on the Sweater Purse.  This time I wanted to use a pattern that I had bought ages ago, but had never used.

The Wristlet

I love the wristlet.  I have several that I have purchased, but I have never made one.  Sometimes I get into these funks that I won't do anything with a certain type of implement or concept or whatever and won't go near them for awhile.  At the time I bought this, I really wanted to do a wristlet, then something happened with a zipper project and I swore off zippers for awhile.  So, all of these styles in this pattern collection have zippers, ergo, no wristlet was ever made.

I hope to be over it, so I pull out the basic pattern guide for the front and back and liner.  I cut out the pieces from the pink sweater and liner from Sweater Purse 2.0.  That sweater will probably yield at least one more complete project (a small one from the sleeves).

I could always call this the Boob Wristlet!

I did not realize how this pic looked until I inserted it in.  Well, as you can see, I cut the fabric from the breast area.  Ha ha.  No one needs to know the origin of the fabric, just that it existed.

So, with the same pattern guide, I cut out the liner fabric and chose a zipper from my stash.  I think I got these zippers from my mother or they were leftover from my grandma.  She sews, but does not sew clothing with zippers, so I have a bunch of random ones.  This was a neutral tan or yellowish zipper.

It looked so easy....

So, to spruce this little number up, I wanted to do an applique again.  But I did not want it to be loose on the wristlet, but flush with the sweater.  I chose some scraps from my past felted sweaters (see, you never throw scraps out).  The recipient of this wristlet, her name starts with an L, so this was going to be my applique.  I drew a letter L on a piece of paper and traced it on my cream felted scrap and a slightly smaller L on a  denim scrap from my Laptop Bag post.  I distressed the denim edge a bit and sewed the denim on the sweater L.  Then sewed this layered L on the current sweater cut piece.

This reminds me of a Varsity letter

I had to think ahead and decide what I wanted my wrist band to be made out of.  I thought of sewing strips of the sweater together, but it would get too thick for my machine and would look sloppy.  So, my next idea was ribbon, but ribbon seamed too flimsy.  I rifled through my scrap bag and I found the inner seams from my jeans, again from the Laptop Bag post.  I did not use them at that time, but kept them anyway.  Good thing, because a section of this would be perfect.  I also had to think about where I was going to get a split ring and hook for it to attach to.  Vince wanted to help, so I sent him in search for these items around the house.

In reading the pattern, it had me make these zipper stops which are attached to the front and back before you sew the zipper on.  They are supposed to cover the zipper ends, I guess.  I never did these before, but I sewed them in anyway.  Then I positioned the end of the wristband on the side edge and pinned it to be sewed into the side seam later.

Something just ain't right!

This is the thing with patterns.  Does anyone try these out before they go saying they are easy or that certain steps are an integral part of this project?  I sewed these stops in even though I did not like them.  I measured the zipper several times to line it up with the stops and the length of the wristlet opening.  I cut the zipper and stitched it to make the new zipper stop.  I pinned it in the purse....yup, the zipper was too short!  How?  I don't get it.  Anyway, I am making the best out of this zipper and not getting a new one to cut.  This pattern also had me basting everything but the turkey to this opening area.  I hate basting....

Basting away

I continued to follow the pattern; I pinned the liner to the sweater portion, sewing along the zipper and up the sides and leaving the bottom of the liner open so I can turn it right side-out.  I also sewed the sweater sides and bottom.  Since the liner was so thin and the sweater was so thick, this turning was proving to be a little hard.  Important: make sure the zipper is open so you can turn it. 

The hole was too small; I had to unstitch it more

Once it was finally turned, I pulled out the liner enough to sew the liner hole closed by topstitching it (rather than slipstitch, where it is invisible).  At this point, I'm at the end of my rope and need this project done.  I insert the liner back into the wristlet and with a needle and thread make two stitches in each inside corner, connecting the liner to the sweater.  This way the stitches act like an anchor and the liner will not pull out when in use.

Yea, go Big L!

Now, remember I sent Vince off to gather some necessary items to complete this wristlet?  He came back with items that were very chunky, like a carabiner clip (used in mountain climbing).  Obviously, he knows nothing about wristlets; but a wonderful guy for trying.  So, we looked through the kitchen junk drawer, then my craft bag, then finally his toolbox.  The final hook and split ring came from some key chain that held a key for something that he doesn't even own anymore (well, that is what I told myself when I snatched the hook and ring).  The hook is like something that would come off a lanyard.  It was perfect!

Showing off that great zipper

I won't say that zippers are my favorite sewing thing, but I don't necessarily hate them anymore.  I still think the zipper stops were overrated, but I'm no biggie in the sewing world, so what do I know?

Chic liner debuting again!

Ok, that, I hope, is the most difficult one that I do.  That pattern really is not for material as thick as a sweater, so I really only have myself to be shaking my head at.  I want small and simple.  Back to the drawing board, no more patterns for these sweaters!  They need freedom from the restriction of pattern rules.  I will try and keep simplicity in mind for the next ones (and I don't mean the pattern maker either)!!

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What a cute idea. The lining is very nice. The L does look kind of like a varsity letter. Great job!