Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chunky Cuff Bangles

I made these bracelets hoping it would be simple and quick, and it was!  I'm so glad when a project works out the way I anticipate it would.  Vince helped me with this project; I think he wanted to play with the hot glue gun.

First, this project idea came from a book called P.S. I Made ThisI bought this book at Books-A-Million and it is a great DIY book for the fashionista on a budget.  The link above is to the website for this book and it has a photo gallery and several DIY ideas right on the main page.  If you're a DIY gal, then you must check it out!

Ideas-a-plenty in this book!

I'm not claiming to be a fashionista, because I won't make half the ideas in this book, but the other half are quite clever.  Like I said, these bangles are from this book. 

The items needed for this project are a cardboard mailing tube, a knife to cut the tube, fabric strips (anything will do), scissors, and a hot glue gun.  I also had some cool studded strips that I harvested from a purse that I bought at Goodwill for $2 or $3.  It had some great hardware and a handle in great condition, so I bought it, with the intention of cutting it up.

Look at all the cool stuff on this purse!

First, the large rings are awesome, along with the handle, the small rings, the studded strips and the zipper pull all were taken off this purse.

All the possibilities!

Anyway, after I cut up this poor purse, I worked on unstitching the studded strips from the zippers.  I kept the fabric too; Vince will use these scraps later.  The other items I put aside and will use them on future projects.  I then cut about a 1 to 1.5" inch "slice" of cardboard tube for the bracelet base.

Cut on the edge of something so you don't gouge your work surface

I used a mailing tube that a calendar from work came in, so I did not even have to buy the tube (I love free stuff) and a bread knife.  I thought the serrated edge would work best, like a saw, but since I did not have a saw, this knife was my next best thing.

Then you take that slice and cut it so there is an opening, like for a cuff bracelet.  Pick the kind of fabric you want to use and cut it into at least a 1" wide strip that is at least a yard long.  I had some black lace from a past Halloween costume, so I cut from that.  But you can use anything, but if it is silky, it could fray.  That could be nice or not nice, depending on the look you are going for.  Thin fabrics would work the best.

Once you make one, you will want more!

Next, I practiced first, without gluing to get a feeling of how tight I was going to have to wrap.  This also gave me the feel of how much overlap I needed to do.  I did not want to see the cardboard under the lace, so I wrapped the lace overlapping itself at 1/4" intervals.  So, this is why you need a long strip of fabric.  If the fabric you choose is not lace or transparent, then you can be less tight/together with it.

Practice wrapping before you glue

Once I got the wrapping down,  I unwrapped it and took the cardboard opening and put a dab of glue on the inside of the cuff.  While hot, I affixed the end of the lace on the glue.  Then, as I practiced earlier, I wrapped the lace around the cuff.  As I got to the other end, I dabbed more glue and pressed the lace into it.  That is all you have to do!

Purse fabric cuff

Once the first one was completed, the others were simple.  Like I mentioned earlier, I glued the studded strip to one, Vince did another one with the other strip.  I did one with a ribbon and Vince did one with the leftover fabric from the purse.  We even made one with a feather on it.

Strike while the glue gun is hot!
We were looking around the house at what else we could wrap around a cardboard cuff!  We made several that evening and gave some to his daughter for her birthday and I plan on sending some up to my sister to give to her 80's-loving neighbor.

We had to stop ourselves, it was so fun!

These are very reminiscent of the Madonna Like a Virgin era. 

I'll always love Madonna!

You know, seeing this picture, you see that this sort of layering/lace/fingerless gloves/long necklaces are making a come back.  Not sure if the black rubber bracelets are coming back, but lots of other 80's inspired fashion is absolutely coming back.  I just hope that the pegging of jeans stays in the past.  I'm avoiding the skinny leg jeans and Converse sneakers.  I'm in my 30's, so I really have no business wearing those anyway!

I went to a party last night and got several compliments on my diamond studded lace cuff!  I was very excited to state that I made it with a cardboard tube!  It was worth doing.

I still have about two feet of cardboard tubing left, so this won't be the last time you see the Chunky Cuff Bangle!  (Hmm, what else can I glue to that cuff....)

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