Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bowling Party

Me and three other friends from work are in a fall bowling league.  We are called the Odd Balls.  We have t-shirts, black pom-poms and friends that stop by to cheer us on. 

I figured I would write a Mid-Week Mini to chat about one of the Odd Balls and her birthday bowling party.  At bowling, we love to have fun and joke around with everyone so since her actual birthday landed on a bowling night, we threw her a mini party.

I had gone to Goodwill earlier in the week to look for some pretty glassware with a pal and I happened upon this random bowling trophy.

I guess the Most Improved Male did not like his trophy

This was marked about $3, and I thought that was a bit much for a plastic bowling trophy at Goodwill.  So, I may have embarrassed my pal when we got to the register, but I haggled with the cashier on the price and she took off $1!  Yes, I haggled at Goodwill; I have no shame!

The time between work and bowling I went to the party store and bought a few balloons and used this trophy as the balloon weight.  I had also made a new "plaque" for the trophy.

It was our table centerpiece!

We were bowling against one of our favorite teams that night.  We had some friends stop by to cheer us on.  One of our friends had brought her baby by and I think she really likes the bowling atmosphere!  We tend to bowl really well when she is there so we call her our Lucky Charm.

Lucky Charm, Ines!

Here is me and the birthday girl, Stephanie:

Yup, we wore birthday hats!

Of course, Vince, my sweetie is an Odd Ball (he is our anchor, us gals do our best).  This is us:

Odd Ball sweethearts

We won six out of eight points!  Poor Anthony and his team!  We normally have a ying and yang thing going on each week, we win some, we lose some.  We had fun, that's for sure.

Cathy even made a cake, so we served any team that wanted a piece.  It was a peanut butter cake: Yum!

We ran out of gel, so it was just Happy Birthday Stephy!

Here is our first group pic of the season:

Gooooooo Odd Balls!

We love having company, so let me know when you want stop by to cheer us on!

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