Sunday, December 11, 2011

More Hats...

I have another hat!  This is the same hat that I made for the I Heart Hats post from last week, but I used a different combination of yarn along with a different object dangling from the top.  Here is the yarn I used:

Hats: Round 3

It is Bernat Softee Baby in Soft Peach and Naturally Caron Spa in Green Sheen.  The Bernat is the yarn I previously used in the I Heart Hats post and the Spa is the same that I used to knit up my Aloha Maddie Baby Blanket back in August.  I find that the Spa yarn splits very easily when you are working with it, which drives me nuts, but it is so soft.  These two yarns together give the hat a very cozy feeling.

Instead of crocheting more puffy hearts, I did a puffy leaf.  It seemed to suit the colors better.  I first knitted up two leaves.

Much Easier than the Hearts!

Then I put them wrong sides together and started to seam them together with the left over tails.  Once I got close to the top, I stuffed some polyfill into it.

Can You Picture It?

Then I closed up the hole in the same manner.  I took an extra double strand set of the green Spa and crocheted a chain of about 5 chains and attached it to the leaf and then tied it to the top of the hat.

Now, I Heart Leaves!

I really liked this one too!  I definitely make things I don't like.  You may see them on this blog, but most likely it will only be the projects that came out cute.  Who wants to write about their mess-ups? 

The next and last hat will be this color combo (can you guess it?):

Round 4

Hey, when I buy yarn, everyone is getting a little bit of it.  There is no need to buy a ton of different yarns, just a few and mix and match the colors or textures.  I will put a puffy leaf on that one too.

I will be in Massachusetts next weekend with my family.  I may write about my socks.  I hope that I can start while I am there and not just eat the whole time.  Stay tuned!

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