Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sari Bracelet

I went online to search for some cute crafts to complete in a short amount of time.  I have been exclusively knitting and I needed a break from it.  First, I checked out Pinterest, then Martha Stewart's Living.  I thought I found something on Martha's website but the directions were terrible, so I just did a good old-fashioned Google search and found something great.

I followed a link to make macrame bracelets!  Macrame is back, Ladies!!

Ok, well, the fad might not have caught on again, but I am willing to give it a go.  This project was found on the blog, Honestly...WTF.  The writer is a very crafty gal and a fashionista whom goes by the name of Erica.  I cannot seem to find her Bio on the blog, but she apparently has 23,000 followers on Twitter.  Go Erica!

My project will use:

  • A defunct earring ring
  • String (like a stiff yarn or hemp)
  • Sari ribbon yarn
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  •  Sewing needle

It is essentially a square knotted bracelet with an adjustable knotted slide.  I will show the highlights on my blog, but full instructions are on Honestly...WTF.  She does a great job showing pics of each and every step, that it would be me reinventing the wheel if I were to step-by-step it for you.

First, you are instructed to cut 5 lengths of string.  I cut 3 of the string and 2 of the sari ribbon yarn.  You also need a ring or something to anchor your string to so that you macrame out from the ring.  This will be the centerpiece of the bracelet.  This is where my earrings come into play.

I used the middle-sized ring, but I may have to also use the small one.  My wrist is so tiny, that the middle one is even too big.  But, I started with the middle one and had to follow it through to the end with it.  No problem.

Second, you tie your 2 strings to the ring so they are on opposite sides of each other, tape down one side, and start forming square knots with the sari ribbon yarn over the strings attached to the ring.

This sari ribbon yarn is very decorative and gorgeous, that I thought this would be so pretty as a bracelet.  You are knotting until it is just shy of half distance around your wrist.  Repeat on the other side.

You thread the extra string through the knots and tie it off, but I kept them long so those ribbons will hang once tied.

Third, you are instructed to make the adjustable knot.  You are using scrap string to keep the strands in the shape of a bracelet and you are square knotting again over the strands.  Tie off as in the bracelet square knots.

Fourth, adjust the strands on either side so your hand can just fit through the bracelet.  Tie the loose strands in a knot, separately, on each side near the adjustable knot.

Lastly, try it on and tighten the strings on both sides to center the ring on your wrist.  Trim away the excess strings after the knots.

Ladies, you are all done!  Now go to Erica's blog and make yourself a dozen of these using anything and everything that would work.  This was quick and fun to do.  The creative possibilities are endless and these would make great stocking stuffers for family or your friends.

Let me know if you do make any!  I'll post your pics!

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