Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bean(ie) Town

This is another installment of the Knitapolooza that I happen to be in, knitting for Christmas.  The pattern this week is the Bean(ie) Town.  Bean(ie) Town is a beanie cap that can be knitted as a skull cap or a slouchy beanie.  For two little boys up in Rhode Island, I went with the skull cap version. 

This pattern came from the Knit Simple Fall 2012 issue.  The yarn I am using is from a new line of yarn from Vickie Howell for Caron International/Bernat called Sheep(ish).  It is 70% Acrylic/30% Wool.  It is pretty nice stuff, considering it is affordable and you can buy it at Michael's and Joann's. 

I am using a size 7, 16" circular needle and am joining in the round.  This beanie hat will have no seams: cool!  I am knitting it up just as the pattern states and hopefully this will fit one of the kids I am knitting it for.

The basics of this pattern is a k2, p2 ribbing and at certain points, the ribs cross.  It is done like you were doing a cable, where you move stitches to a cable needle and either hold in front or the back of your work, then knit or purl the stitches from the cable needle to create the crossing-over look.  So far, in the above pic, I have only gotten the ribbing and have not gotten to a cable yet.

I'm getting there!  I placed the hat over a small mixing bowl to pretend it is on a head, to show the cabling pattern.  I brought this project to the beach last weekend and got a lot done on it.  I did do a modification to the pattern.  The first set of cables were normal, no biggie, but then the second cable that was supposed to go in the opposite direction was kind of crazy.  It twisted into nowhere. 

In the above pic, you can see that it twists to the right, but it does not really connect with anything.  Eh, needless to say, I ripped out to 2 rows below that cable and started again.  For the cabling, I repeated the left-twisting cable, but just staggered it so it twisted with a different set of ribs. (see the pic with the bowl, above two).

When I got to the crown of the cap, I had to switch over to double points (double pointed needles) because to shape the crown I was decreasing the number of stitches on the needle and the circulars would be too long to continue knitting.  Double points allow you to knit very small circumferences.

Here it is: complete!  I had two of these to do so here is the second one:

Those are two more gifts I can cross off my list.  Once I am done, I am going to knit myself something.  I can't wait.


Kjestine said...

I love the green. What color was that?

Nancy said...

I did not say what colors I used! I usually do but this time I forgot. The blue one was knit in teal(ish) and the green was knit in chartreuse(ish). Thanks for asking!