Sunday, October 21, 2012

NY City Cowls

One of my friends is going to NY City to visit her sister and her husband.  I was invited to go, but other financial commitments (ahem, a sick cat) has prevented me from going; this has made me very sad because it was going to be a Sex in the City sort of weekend (minus the sex, hehe).  In other words, a girls weekend in New York City.

When you live in Florida, you tend to get rid of your warm weather clothing a little bit each season.  It comes to a point where you barely own a jacket.  As a "Sorry-I-Can't-Go-But-Thanks-For-Asking-Me" gift, I thought I would knit up a snuggly cowl for her to wear while she is up in NY.

The pattern comes from the Knit Simple Holiday 2011 issue designed by Vickie Howell.  I then chose chunky baby yarn.  Never underestimate the greatness of baby yarn!  I chose Patons Beehive Baby Chunky in a light green called Quicker Clover (70% Acrylic/30% Nylon).

I used size 10 straight knitting needles and about 1.25 balls of yarn.  I knitted several rows of a k2, p2 ribbing to start.

Then I started to cable.  I had never done a cable quite like this and I thought something was wrong at first, but once you do a few, it starts to look very nice.

Here is a close-up of the cabling:

The pattern instructs you to either sew adornments on the folded cowl or make buttonholes and sew buttons on.  I chose the button route.

I chose some nice bling buttons for the NY girl in her.  I situated the cowl and figured out the placement of the buttons and sewed them on.

I buttoned it up and it is complete!

I had to try it on and test drive it for a bit while watching TV.  In the words of TV Guide: I Cheer it!

This should keep her warm as she sees the sights with her sister...Have fun, Cathy!

I thought this came out so nice that knitted up a second one to give to another friend for her birthday.  I chose black bling buttons for her.  Happy Birthday, Kj!

Send me pics of you guys wearing them...I'll post the pics!

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