Saturday, March 9, 2013

Relay For Life - Knitted Donations

Our work is involved in a charity, Relay for Life.  It is an American Cancer Society event and we are putting up a tent and walking a track on April 5th from 6 pm to the next morning.  We are getting excited to do this because this is the first time our company is having their own team there.  We have a monetary goal of $5000.  Which sounds like a lot and we are doing all that we can to raise this money.

If you would like to donate, please follow this link [Relay For Life] and click the orange DONATE button.  Then choose the blue Search For an Individual link.  Type in Nancy Victorino.  Any donation is greatly appreciated!

One of the fundraising events we are having is called a Silent Auction.  We asked the employees to donate a new or gently used item and on a designated day, they will be displayed for everyone to go around and place a bid by recording your bid on a sheet of paper for that item.  At the end of the bidding (We gave 2 days), the person with the last and highest bid wins.

So, I have donated a few items and two of the items are knitted items that I never got around to finishing them in time for the baby there were originally intended for.  I won't mention who they were supposed to be for (I feel too bad about it).

First up is a baby sweater knit in Berroco Touche (50% cotton, 50% rayon) in a raspberry pink.  The yarn has since been discontinued.  

All I needed to do was sew up the side and arm and weave in ends.  This was a UFO, so I am happy to be completing it and giving it to charity. 

I don't even remember what size I was making.  Probably a 6 month old or 1 year.  I can't tell!  I don't have kids, so I really have no clue how big or small babies are.  I know, for shame!!

Next up is a pair of baby booties knit in Berroco Suede (100% nylon) in a tan color they called Butch Cassidy.   This yarn has also been discontinued.  The name was cute, so I remembered it all these years.  I would consider this yarn a novelty yarn.

These were actually already complete, just sitting in my yarn stash and UFO bin.  They have little fringe going around the top edge.  So cute!

I am glad to have brought these two out so that some baby may enjoy them.  I've been wanting to knit for charity, so since I have not yet, here is my chance.

The auction is coming up on March 12th and 13th.  I'll update everyone if they sell! 

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