Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sewing Room (Before)

Yippee, Vince and I just bought a house! 

In my newly bought house, there is an "office."  An office means it is a room with no closet.  It can be a bedroom, just put an armoire in there.  Instead of making it a bedroom, I want to make it into a sewing room.

I say sewing room, but it will be my multipurpose crafty room.  But, the only thing I have done to it so far is paint it.  Yellow.  Like really yellow...

The yellow I chose was Behr Honey Tone.  It is so nice in the pic and on the paint chip card.  In the room, it might be a bit too much yellow.  In the day, it looks really sweet, at night with the light is in your face.  I'm keeping it for now, maybe I just need to change out my ceiling fan light bulbs.

So, I just moved in this past week, so the place is still in an upheaval.  I do have my craft supplies in the sewing room, but that is about it.

The room is towards the front of the house and opens with a pair of double doors.  The doors are solid, but I would like to switch them out with pair of windowed french doors.  When you walk in, there is a nice window to the left.  I have placed a bookcase to the right and the dark colored cabinet is a computer work station.   I was thinking of buying or making a cutting table which can double as the table for the sewing machine.  I would like to buy a glass-door cabinet and store my yarn and material in there. 

It may take some time to get this room straightened out, but I'm hopeful that it will look wonderful and be very functional.  Stay tuned for the "After" post...not sure when though!

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