Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sewing Room - Part 2

I wrote a tester at the end of the Bata Blanket post about the progress of the sewing room.  I am ready to reveal what we are doing:

Making shelves along the one wall that is indented and having a computer work station built-in

Whoo-hoo!  I know you guys are probably, like, Big deal, shelves?  Anyone can do shelves.

Although this may be true, these will be my shelves, made especially for me by Vince and myself, made for my sewing room.  I can really, seriously get organized and take my crafting serious.

This is how the sewing room has been.  An eyesore with junk everywhere, having one door closed so I don't have to look at it.  In the pic, it is not very inviting.  The cats hang out there and that is about it.  Sad.

That is a pic of the left side of the room when you walk in.

That is a pic of the right side of the room when you walk in.

This is the wall where the shelves will go and computer station.  It is like a nook.

Ok, you can say it: What a mess!  The bookcase is the only thing in this room that is organized and I did not even take a pic of it.  Later.

The Plan:  There will 4, 8 foot long shelves that are a depth of 15 inches each.  Then the computer station will be a 24 inch deep shelf, running in parellel to the other shelves that will be above it.  There will be a 4 foot  long shelf under the computer station that will hold the printer and paper shredder.

Everything will fill in around these shelves.  I will get rid of the current computer cabinet, that you see above.

To start, Vince bought wood and had it cut.  We got it home and he trimmed it so it would fit in the nook.

My job was to sand using the belt sander.  Cool!

Vince rounded the edges with a separate piece of sandpaper.

He used the compound miter saw to trim up and make the ledge where the planks will be sitting on.  He cut 2 x 2's at 45 degree angles so they will fit into each other.

Next was staining the wood.  I chose a Cherry color.  Very nice!!!

I did one coat on the bottom of the plank and 2 coats on the tops of the planks.  Man, that is manual labor!!

A finished plank.  What a handsome plank!  Ok, I am going to stretch this project out a bit more.  Next time you will see it actually in the room!!

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