Saturday, October 1, 2011

Books - Third Quarter

Since I have been a knitting machine lately, I have not had a chance to read very many books.  Yeah, I slacked off a bit these last few months.  I did get to two books, so here they were (I'm continuing the numbering from where I left off last):

12. I got this book a million years ago from my friend Kj.  After my last book, I needed something light.  I have read many, many Jennifer Crusie books, so I knew what to expect.  This is a romantic comedy, but not really chic-lit.  A woman and her two friends hang out at a bar.  She just got dumped by a guy that she really did not like that much; she's ticked off.  He also goes to the same bar and makes this bet with a guy, that is not his friend, but not a stranger either, that he can't get that woman (his ex) into the sack in one month.  She overhears this bet and she plays along when he asks her out.  They are not each other's type.  They both end up having feelings for each other but they won't admit that to themselves or each other that they do because of the bet.  There are quirky scenarios and funny lines that are enjoyable for a happily-ever-after ending.  I rate this 3.5 thumbs up.

13. This is the sequel to Gone, Baby Gone.  That first book became a movie with actors that I did not picture in my mind's eye.  But, I had read that book so long before it was a movie that I did not feel nutty about not watching it.  This book series is about two private detectives that are freelance and don't always go by the book when getting info.  They are a bit edgy, but in the movie, they were shown as just regular people, like you or I, doing that job.  Eh, not what I pictured, but okay.  The background is that a little girl goes missing, reported to the police and hired the PI by the girl's aunt.  They find the little girl, but it did not turn out to be as anyone ever suspected.  Doing the right thing did not mean that it was the right thing to do (read the first book, you'll get what I mean).  This book takes place 13 years later, and the same girl (now a teenager) goes missing again.  This book takes place in Mass, so I always get a kick out of the lingo and knowing the locations that they describe.  Some scenes seem a bit far-fetched, but some people's lives very well might be that violent.  This was an excellent sequel that I would recommend.  I rate it a 4 thumbs up.

Yup, so there is my huge list.  I know, slacker, right?  Well, I'm back with my nose in a book after that last one.  I love how books can make you forget everything around you; that is a sign of a great storyteller.  I hope my next 4 books are just as great as this one.

Has anyone gotten into the other Dennis Lehane novels such as Mystic River or Shutter Island?  Let me know how you liked them. Does anyone know any other books that take place in Mass that you enjoyed?  Let me know that, too!

Happy Reading!

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