Sunday, October 9, 2011

Yard Sale $$ Belt

I was not expecting this post but since this is something I made on-the-fly, I figured I would share.  My community had a yard sale this Saturday.  We have had two since we moved in, but I was not prepared for them so I did not participate.  This time around was different; I was going to make some cash!!

I had my stuff, Vince's stuff, his daughter's stuff, his mom brought over a few items and a woman from work's stuff.  We had a lot of stuff!!

Last time I had a yard sale, I was fumbling with the money and going to my main money pouch and making change and I felt like I could turn my back and someone could just swipe my money pouch.  So this time I wanted the change on my person so I do not have to reveal where I was hiding the bulk cash to the customers.

I decided I needed a money belt, kind of like the hardware belts handy people use to carry pencils and measuring tapes.  Like I've said before, I am cheap and did not want to buy a "real" one from Lowe's or anywhere.  You know me: I'm making my own!!

My money belt was fashioned from an old hand towel.  I have a set of terry hand towels that are really thin and are one step away from being a dust rag or car wash towel.  I brought new life to one of them.

Old Hand Towel from the 90's

I took the towel and folded down one edge of the length of the towel about 1.5".  I grabbed a canvas belt and made sure that it was a little wider than that.  I sewed down the fold and this will serve as my canvas belt channel and the top.

Belt Channel in the Making

Next, I flipped it over and folded the towel again from the bottom up and had the bottom edge of the towel just under the seam where I just sewed.

This is Sew Easy!

I sewed up each side and one seam up the middle bisecting this large "pocket."  Now I have a divided pocket for my money.

I Said it was Easy!

I then threaded the canvas belt through and Viola!  Fini!

I had ones and quarters on one side and larger bills on the other.  When I would get a few $20 then I would transfer that to my bulk money pouch.  I was handling the money from everyone's stuff and jotting down when someone else made the sale so it was easy to just add up everyone's total at the end and then do one payout.

Rocking the $$ Belt at the Yard Sale

It was a long day, but we sold a bunch of our stuff (even though it seemed like we packed up just as much as we put out).  Ok, I just have to ask, "Who goes to yard sales with $50 bills?"  We had two people pay us for less than $10 items with a $50.  Unreal!  I almost refused the sale on principal. I would've if I did not already have $20's in my stash.  So, if you are those people: STOP!  It just takes all of the sellers change (this ain't the bank, you know?).  Go to the grocery store or gas station and get smaller bills.  Alright, I'll get off my soapbox now. :-)

All in all, it was a good day.  Everyone made a good chunk of change to line their pockets with.  Vince went "shopping" as the ladies were working the yard sale and bought a ping-pong table.  He says it was a good deal, hey, whatever floats your boat.  We had cleaned out the garage for the yard sale, there just happened to be all this extra room for it.  Hmmm, makes me think it was all planned somehow.

In a few weeks, my friend is having a yard sale in her community.  I will bring over what did not sell and what will fit in my car and see if I can get some more cash.  Otherwise, I'll donate the rest to Goodwill.  I definitely do not want to bring it back home.  I like having a clean and neat garage!

I'll make her a money belt too.  We'll be the money belt sistas!

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