Sunday, April 29, 2012

The 'Do Rag

Yesterday, I attended a company sporting event on St. Pete Beach, FL.  It was called the America II Corporate Sports Fest 2012.  It was a blast!!

Normally, when I workout,  I just wear my hair in a ponytail and bobby pin my bangs up.  That, however, does not control the whispies that I get from the wind and general movement.  I hate the whispies!

For Sports Fest, I knew there would be cameras and people taking pictures, so I wanted to ensure that those whispies don't even get an appearance.  I decided to wear a bandana on my head, in a 'do-rag fashion.

Rockin' the 'Do Rag!!

It worked like a charm!  It stayed in place all day.

Now, you may also want to don the 'do rag when you are at home doing housework, working in the yard or going for a neighborhood jog but may not have a cool bandana at home.

You can easily make one with an old t-shirt and a pair or scissors:

Here is the bandana I used, I folded it so it really is just a triangle:

Half a square, is all you need

I took an old t-shirt that had a cool design on it:

Eh, cool enough.

Then I placed the folded bandana on top of the design and did a rough cut through both layers of the t-shirt, following the edge of the bandana:

Step 1: Lay on top
Step 2: Cut

Well, guess what?  You're done!  It's that simple.  The best thing about this too, is that when you cut through both layers of the t-shirt, you have just made yourself two 'do rags!  A two-fer!  It doesn't get much better than that!

If you do not have a bandana, then just cut a large triangle.  Really, your cut lines don't even have to be that straight or perfect.

To put it on your head: Hold the long side ends so that the middle of the long side is against your forehead, having the design facing outwards.  Flip your head over so that your hair is hanging down and bring the ends that are in your hands to the nape of your neck.  All of your hair should be within the 'do rag at this point.  Then pull tight and make a tight knot at the nape of your neck.  Flip your head back over and pull the 'do rag back to about the start of your hairline.  Untuck your ears.

Ah, no more whispies!

Here is me with my two-fer 'do rags:

Two-fers, come and get your Two-fers!

Now, go out and rock that 'do rag!!

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